Breakfast – Get A Strong Start


It is important to get a strong start to your day with a protein rich breakfast. Most of what I have read has been consistent on that one point. Can you skip breakfast? Sure. Should you skip breakfast is a completely different question. Would you want to drive a car that’s on empty without putting gas in it before driving for 8 hours? I think the resounding answer to that one is, I really don’t want to walk that far to work.

I used to eat all kinds of junk for breakfast. Now, my breakfast consists mostly of protein. The photo shown here is actually a picture of one of my breakfast choices. It is one of my favorites. It isn’t huge, but more than plenty for breakfast–even for a 320 lb me.

I had someone write me via FB and ask about breakfast ideas. I’ll share what this idea consists of for the rest of you, and then share some variations that I’ve considered. This is a thin, flank like steak. I can’t remember which cut it was, but I know it was NOT eye of round. I wanted more fat content because I didn’t want to be eating shoe leather. It doesn’t have a ton of fat, but this cut did have a little more marbling. Then I have a fried egg. I use coconut or canola Pam spray for my pan on that, and always salt/pepper to taste everything you do. Then of course, avocado slices on top. I always hated avocado, but now it is one of my favorite things and even takes the place a mayo for me–I used to go through a bulk size container of mayo in less than a month (maybe that’s where part of MY bulk comes from at 99 calories a tablespoon). I used it for everything. Definitely a wise and healthy choice to kick that habit.


1-thinly sliced flank steak (I buy the flat with like 8 little steaks in it)
1-large egg
Pam spray (Coconut or Canola Oil)

Heat a small frying pan on high. You don’t really need to add anything to the pan to pan fry it. There’s generally enough fat in the steak to prevent sticking. Salt/Pepper the steak lightly. Once it is hot to sizzle the meat, get a good browning on each side. I go for medium rare because I want it easy to bite when holding instead of having to cut. I pick it up and eat it like a guilty pleasure.

Next, wipe the pan clean. Spray the pan with Pam and crack your egg and be careful not to break the yolk (unless your one of those who like it that way). Salt/Pepper lightly. My pan is super awesome. The egg never sticks, and I can flip it like a pro. If your pan isn’t easy, use a spatula and flip it easily or reduce the heat and let it cook until all of the egg white is cooked (sunny side up). Turn it out on your steak.

Cut your avocado and slice it on top. Lightly salt/pepper it.

Pick it up and take a yummy bite. I love the yolk to be runny. It mixed with the fluid from the steak and salt and pepper flakes on the plate makes a good gravy to soak up.

Warning: It is messy, so don’t get it on your new clothes. 🙂

Use any type of meat instead of steak (I used pork tenderloin medallions they are good too)
If you want to cook ahead, fry up the steak, boil eggs instead of frying and slice them for easier assembly, and slice up the avocado, or maybe some tomato. Put it together each day as you go.

Do you have any suggestions for variations of this dish? I’m sure I would come up with some even incorporating some fruit, like a thin sliced chicken breast pan cooked, with a ring of pineapple browned in the pan with a little ghee (clarified butter), and topped with an egg. If you haven’t noticed, I’m an egg lover. I have 3 hens of my own, so they provide me the love of eggs.

I’ll think on more options for breakfast. Please feel free to comment with ideas of your own to share. YOU ALL KNOW THERE IS A COMMENT LINK, RIGHT?? 😉

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Breakfast – Get A Strong Start”

  1. Are you still getting a strong start? What did you have for breakfast this morning? I had two hard boiled eggs and coffee. Went light today.


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