A New Me – In Several Ways

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Chris Powell challenged the negative undertones in my blog through his book Choose to Lose – A 7-day Carb Cycling Program. I haven’t removed everything from my blog because I do want this to be an accurate account of what has happened throughout my journey, but the old tagline is gone. For those who haven’t followed from the beginning, they’d be able to read back and see that at one point, I felt that something about me wasn’t “special” (hence the tagline, “But It Ain’t Special.”)

Actually, Chris helped me to see that my body is just doing what God designed it to do. It is being efficient and storing unused fuel for reserves in the event I need it. Considering the fact I had not been active before now, it was a lot of fuel to store. Changing that one thought process has opened up a whole new world to me. I allow myself now to feel athletic when I am going to workout. I allow myself to feel like the health conscious person I am as I carefully select what I am going to eat and feed my family.

Our society, or at least the American society, has geared everything relating to good health to accommodate the fit and athletic. Clothes for most obese people can’t be purchased in a sporting goods store. This is one point that obese people really battle with. To someone who already is suffering from a negative perspective regarding his/her life, not being able to find appropriate workout clothing or gear to accommodate your size sends a message that “you’re too fat to use these items.” I am so glad that Chris Powell doesn’t view it that way. 

Chris sends the message that we are all “athletes in training.” If you want to be an athlete (or at least have the health of one), then you do what athletes do. You eat what athletes eat. I have been liberated from my own negative thoughts. I have worked along and along with my negative self-talk. It is pretty much in check, but I think sometimes I am a little too open and honest on the blog, and in reality, it is me speaking negatively about myself. I’m all about owning the truth, but it’s totally different when you’re making changes in our life and the status quo is no longer the way to define you.

All of that being said, I decided it was time to reinvent myself a little. I made a few changes to the blog and the theme is a little different. Through small changes here and there, I believe that I will get to where I need to be. You can, too. I hope you enjoy my new virtual home. 

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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