Whole30 10.5 lb Loss So Far – 20 Overall

Ok, I wasn’t going to weigh for 30 days as Whole30 suggests, but the doctor’s office weighs you and writes your weight all over everything. I even told them that I wasn’t going to look at the scale, and not to tell me how much I weighed. They didn’t tell the doctor that apparently, and she was like, we’ll you’ve lost 14 lbs since you were last here. Well, that number sounded great, especially since I hadn’t been there in like 2 years, which means I had more gain that they didn’t have on their records. My peak was 330. So, when I noticed the amount 310.0 written on the doctor’s form, I was pretty excited! I’ve never, NOTE THE WORD NEVER, experienced that much weight loss.

I am very excited to say, here’s my current weight. Notes on the Whole30, today starts my 3rd week of Whole30. I average 1400 calories or so a day, generally eat 3 meals a day. Seldom eat a snack, but occasionally do: nuts, fruit, or another protein.

Dietbet Weigh-in
Dietbet Weigh-in


Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Whole30 10.5 lb Loss So Far – 20 Overall”

  1. This is great ! So glad you have seen that number budge from that stubborn spot on the scale. Maybe it is like getting in a rut with other things in life. Once you get out of the rut you can start moving at a steady pace. No where to look but forward !


    1. Yes, I have lived in a rut most of my life. I’m trying to learn how to get out of that rut. It is the rut caused by “routine.” I’m going to work on correcting that.


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