Rx & Cleaner Eating Compliant – 7 days

I have learned that treating my triggers as drugs is the best way for me to succeed in keeping them in check. Well, ok, maybe not like a drug because people who suffer from drug addiction should abstain completely for their overall health (and maybe I should treat food that way too…but you have to eat…just not chocolate).

So to explain, I have already been drinking only water. I have done so well with that. I am nearing 160 days of drinking water only. Even if I try to sip 100% apple juice, it is SO sweet, I can’t stand to drink it (100% juice and milk on occasion are ok because I don’t have problems with those). Well, I restarted my cleaner eating challenge. I have tried this several times and failed to stay compliant. Using the word compliant or non-compliance really helps me understand that I’m not sticking with something that I should be.

I’m not trying to element anything permanently. I am trying to learn to CONTROL the foods and behaviors that tend to present themselves. 1. I have a difficult time taking medication. I hate it. I don’t want to take it, but I need to take certain medications. This week, I was almost 100% compliant. I did miss one evening dose. So I am drinking water, taking my meds, and I have also started focusing on eating cleaner throughout the week. I have had 2 meals that we’re “clean,” but all others were. Most of my meals were in smaller portions than I am used to taking for myself, and once I ate too much (soup).

This is significant because while the soup itself wasn’t unhealthy, the corn chips that I ate with it were. I also made some homemade chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk with. One thing I think occurred with this though was moderation. I was able to use some chocolate to make chocolate milk. Not exactly what I should be consuming, but the smaller amount of chocolate really helped out. I was able to have a little chocolate without having a whole candy bar, or whatever.

I am going to continue working on eating cleaning. I feel better. I feel thinner and more in control of my life. Nothing will be perfect, but it will be different.