Coffee with Mom and Dad


This morning, I enjoyed some coffee with my mom and dad on their farm. The weather hadn’t fully adjusted yet, so it was a crisp 34 degrees outside. The farm brush was beautiful. At this time, it’s usually an ugly shade of dead, brown, but with dew and early morning freezing temperatures, it was a beautiful, frozen white.


The sun was rising and peeking through the pine trees, casting its rays on the frozen crystals. It was beautiful! It looked as if the brush had been covered in glitter. I tried to get a good picture, but some things you have to experience and memorize the way they made you feel when you encountered them.

As I approached the farm, I noticed the donkeys were on the far side of the property where the sun was fully 26913660_10211354558959353_1191065601_nwarming the trees and them, too. I turned into the drive and stopped to get a photo of the smoke coming from the chimney, just in time to catch dad coming out with the dogs for their morning walk.

What is happiness? Sharing coffee with people I love without the world making demands on me.  The warmth of fire in the fireplace on my face. Random conversations with those who brought me into this world. THAT was happiness to me for today.

What brought you a glimmer of happiness today?


I Eat Because I Love Food…

I’ve decided I need to really go a little deeper with my reasons for eating. I love food. Really, I LOVE food. When I think of things that I really enjoy doing, they typically involve food. I wish I loved coffee. I wonder if I could make myself love coffee? I don’t hate coffee. I just don’t LOVE coffee.

If you think I have had an ADD moment, I haven’t (though I do reserve the right to have one in the future).

When people get together, sometimes they say, “Let’s get together for coffee.” With me, it always seems either me or my friends are saying, “Let’s get together for dinner.” Coffee would be cheaper and have fewer calories. I want to love coffee instead of food! Loving coffee is so much more acceptable than food (unless your naturally skinny at which point everything is ok for you in the eyes of others).

Sometimes, I feel like I have to apologize for eating. Like, if I am telling a story and in that story a meal is involved, I feel like I’m guilty of something–and I might say, “well, I hadn’t eaten anything all day.” I have actually said that a lot–it is frequently true, especially with an addition to the family. There is little time to eat.

Maybe I will try coffee today.