241 Journey Evolution

whole wellnessWhen I began my journey many years ago, this blog was a diary of sorts. It was a permanent copy for me to look back on for motivation and encouragement. The type of end goal that I am pursuing is a long term one. There are many areas of stronghold that have to be conquered before the REAL work is able to begin, and this blog helps to show that there is true work being done.

In the beginning, my focus was solely weight related. What I did not realize was the beginning would go further back than that. It took a while of research and trial and error to learn that the fat that had collected on my body was only a small part to a much bigger problem, so I set out to identify the components of that bigger problem.

As I have learned new things and overcome obstacles, I have made changes here to put into practice what I have learned. I am not merely physical. I have known that my whole life, but it has taken me years to see that my focus was all wrong. I was looking at the a symptom instead of the problem.

Now, my focus will be a multi-prong approach. You will see posts on physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual here. For me, spiritual is the core. I had allowed myself to get so wrapped up in the other prongs that I had neglected the spiritual aspect of my life. As I kept following the trail from my symptom back–like following a power cord to its source–I found my God and Savior that I had put on the back burner. When I reconnected with the ultimate power source, my focus changed. Now, I am whole. I am able to see how I got here. It was like being nearly blind and being given the glasses that I had misplaced.

241 Journey is a whole life journey. It is a journey to complete growth and understanding. We are complex creatures. If there is an area of your life that hasn’t been receiving your complete focus, it is time to find balance. It is my pleasure to have you along for that journey. You will find the categories continue to change and be added to in order to organize the information available here. You may even find that the page will change in design from time to time as I find the best fit. Just hang in there with me.

Different Choice For Different Result

I am SO ready for something different in my life! I have been never had never doneworking on getting my physical health in check, and I have not had great success. Perhaps if I were just 20 pounds over weight, my efforts would be golden. Yes, I have experienced positive changes, but I am needing BIG results. Since I want a different result, I realize I am going to have to do something different. This quote has really been on my mind this past week, and it is becoming more and more obvious what I need to do. I have NEVER pictured myself doing this.

CHANGEI have always stayed away from things that made me feel uncomfortable. There are actually a lot of things in my life that could be different if I didn’t allow things to make me uncomfortable. Well, change is uncomfortable. It requires you to accept that you are letting yourself enter into a world that you have very little control over. This is where faith comes in. I’m grateful to serve a faithful God.

I have promised myself a change. This week, I do-something-today-that-your-future-self-will-thank-you-foram going to do something totally outside anything I have EVER done before. I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but I can share more with you tomorrow. God has really made it clear what He is wanting to do in me when I do take my big jump of faith, now to honor the promises I’ve made to myself and DO IT.



Judge My Buggy NOT My Body

Lately, I have been thinking about how society views people who are overweight (obese, morbidly obese). For the largest segment of the population, the view is very superficial. We are measured by what we look like. Not just measured but judged. There are clicks where we won’t fit, stereotypically. There are jobs we won’t be offered, which is legal because being overweight isn’t a protected class. People judge based on the package–not the entire package but basically just the outside.

I want to send the message that just as we shouldn’t judge people based on their past because they could have changed over the years, a person’s body, thin or overweight, shouldn’t be judged. A thin person shouldn’t be assumed to have an eating disorder, and by the same token, it shouldn’t be assumed they eat healthy. The same applies to overweight people. Don’t assume that their current body accurately reflects the level of their discipline. The only way to properly determine the overall nutritional health of a person would be to judge their grocery buggy.

I have been overweight since puberty. I have gained approximately 5 lbs a year over the course of my life. When you do the basic math of junk food calories, it doesn’t take a lot to equal a gain of 5 lbs a year. Given the terrible food choices I’ve made over the years, I think my body has been pretty forgiving to only add 5 lbs a year, but I digress. This fat suit that I have been wearing all these years is much more difficult to remove than it was to put on. The worst part is that although I have maintained a healthy eating lifestyle since July 2014 (excluding Christmas season–I went awol), my body still reflects the bad decisions I have made over the years.

Unless I wear a sign that says, “Don’t Judge My Body Based On My Past Choices”, people will still make assumptions about me that aren’t true. Now, the list of people that I really care what they think is very short, but it is still a societal prejudice that should be broken. I am trying to do my part by writing about it to educate others that a person’s buggy will tell far more about them than their body will. My buggy will tell you that there is ZERO junk in my house, and my family eats very healthy–despite our out of shape bodies.

Everything that goes in my buggy is whole (in their most natural state available in a grocery store without anything added to them and a very short ingredients list of only natural items and no sugar added). Meat, vegetables (and a lot of them), and fruit. I would be happy to be judged by my buggy now. I actually love grocery shopping. It is very empowering to know that I am making healthy decisions. What is unfortunate is that it takes a years of healthy grocery shopping/eating to undo the past as reflected by my body. This is why we shouldn’t judge others based on their body because it is not the most reliable source (even chronic illnesses make the body an unreliable source).

The same is true for people who are thin. It cannot be assumed that someone who is not overweight eats well. Genetics and heredity play far too much into that equation for it to be fair. We tend to use the body as a measurement here and assume that someone who isn’t overweight is healthy. Not necessarily so. Their buggy would tell you a lot, too. It’s just for whatever reason, their body doesn’t show their poor decisions on the outside of their body–yet.

When I visited my doctor after changing my eating, she was extremely pleased with the result of my blood work–all numbers were within normal limits! I had asked her to do a “before” blood panel, so I could chart my progress, and progress it was. The outside of me hasn’t caught up with the healthy changes that I have made in my life, but it will–eventually. Until then, I will accept myself for the healthy woman that I am. I encourage you to look at your buggy and make necessary changes. If you already have or when you do, accept yourself for the healthy person that you are, and help me spread this message by sharing this post with your friends. It will take a while to make a change, but the power of social media can spread the word quickly.

Check out Judge My Buggy on FB and join us in sending the message that the body doesn’t tell the whole story about a person!! Share your buggy with us.

How to Accept the Need for Change : Get Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

So How to Accept the Need for Change, there are actually several steps that can help you accept the need for change. Today, I will cover the need to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

If you are morbidly obese, don’t kid yourself or anyone else. We all know (and I know personally because I am there), you’re not feeling well. I’ll speak of me, and you evaluate your own self and honestly accept what you find.

Over the years, I have gained about 5 pounds a year. That isn’t a lot you think, but it is. Multiply 5 by 10 and you get 50 pounds. But wait, I’ve been out of school for over 20 years, so let’s go with 20, ahhh, 100 pounds. It’s been slow. Creeping 5 pounds at a time. Each year I think, well I didn’t gain a lot, but I should be looking at the cumulative total, not just a one year total. Note, when I was in school, I was already probably 60 pounds over a “reasonable” weight. Add that to my 100 pounds, and yep, I’m right on track. Uhhh…to derail my life!

The body isn’t able to continue to take on weight indefinitely. It is resilient, and does adjust, but there comes a time when our organs, bones, joints, etc just have taken all they can take before they begin to say “ouch!” I feel like I say “ouch” a lot lately. Well, I have accepted that I am asking a lot of my body. Pick up a 100 pound weight. Imagine having to carry it around day in and day out.

On the flip side, imagine after carrying a 100 pound weight around for years actually putting it down. Think about it, seriously. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. What a relief! I can only imagine THAT is what it would feel like. I want to feel that AHHHHHHH point again. I know that it isn’t as simple as just putting a weight down where you feel the relief at once, but the positive point is that you can feel the Ahhh even sooner.

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, losing just 5-10% of your weight over a six (6) month period can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and a whole list of other diseases obesity contributes to over time. Of course we wouldn’t want to stop there because just think of what the second, third, and so on set of 5-10% of body weight loss could do over the course of time! AHHHHHH!!!

SO, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, read tomorrow for our next step toward surviving morbid obesity.

Hungry for Change

To say I am hungry for change is an understatement. I have been hungry for change for a long time. Change isn’t always easy though, especially when it will mean changing behaviors that have become bad habits over the course of time.

Habits such as:

Not eating breakfast

Not drinking enough water (or not drinking much of anything)

Eating mindlessly

Not following a schedule for eating

Not planning meals which results in last minute fast food pickups

Not saying “No” enough

Thinking about exercise but never doing it.

Eating while watching television or while otherwise distracted (which causes mindless eating)

This is the type of thing that could potentially derail me. I see this list, and I know that each of these behaviors should be addressed. I am bad to attempt to tackle a number of them at once. I can’t do that. I need to push away from this article and look at the list targeting the one behavior that would have the greatest impact and work on it first.

In looking over the list, I think that meal planning would probably yield the greatest results. If I plan my meals, then I would most likely follow a schedule, eat breakfast, drink water, and not eat out. Is that cheating? Is that choosing one that impacts many and in impacting many will that be too much change at once? What do you think?

I watched a WONDERFUL video on Hulu.com (I think, or Netflix) called “Hungry for Change.” The video is about three overweight guys (some who you’ve seen in other videos like the guy who juiced for 90 days in Fat, Tired and Nearly Dead), who had each (through different means) taken control of their health without pills and gimmicks. They joined forces to gather research on becoming healthy without having to buy anything different than you would grocery shopping. THIS IS WHY I LOVED THIS FILM. They weren’t trying to sell you anything. No lapband infommercial. Although they discuss juicing, it wasn’t like a juicer commercial.

The moral of their film is to make changes slowly. Even in changing your eating. I loved what one of them said. He said something to the effect of, “Don’t go through your house and throw everything away and go buy up the store in healthy foods. Just start adding healthy foods to what you are eating now. When you go shopping again, start making healthier choices. Don’t try to do it all at once. Your body will begin to crave more and more change, and when it does, give it the healthy options that it’s craving.” It was THE MOST REASONABLE way to look at a healthy eating plan.

Today, I added sweet peppers as a snack and were they good!! I love sweet peppers. We had pizza today, but instead of our typical all the way, we choose an awesome veggie pizza with lots of peppers. It was SO DELICIOUS! Warning, they are a bit watery that way because of the water from the veggies, so they tend to be a little messier.

Are you hungry for change? Do you think you can start adding healthy items to your eating now to make changes slowly? I think it could work for me if I keep my mind on the prize.