Strike a Pose. This Week’s Challenge.

People who have 100+ pounds to lose generally also have a great deal of emotional baggage that they are carrying around with them. As part of our program, our challenge this week is to “Strike a Pose,” and post a confident photo of ourselves to our secret group.

This challenge came about as a result of conversation about mirrors and feeling the need to hide from them. There are a couple of problems with not confronting the mirror. One problem is that we will ignore the fact that there is a weight problem needing to be controlled. According to a person’s body type, it is possible to gain nearly 20 lbs before your clothes force you to deal with the problem.

Secondly, avoiding a mirror can make you become disconnected with yourself. Before you know it, other people have seen you more than YOU have seen you. You begin to feel ashamed, lonely, and a number of negative adjectives. It is important to remain connected with the strong, confident you who is a beautiful person. Once you begin feeling as if you aren’t beautiful, weight becomes even more difficult to lose. It’s almost as if you feel like you don’t deserve anything good.

We are going to work on taking that confidence back. All of these ladies are awesome women. They each excel in their professional lives. They are caring and giving, and they deserve to feel confident. I don’t expect that because they will take time for themselves getting ready for a photo, snap a photo, and post it to our group that a brand new perspective will result. I realize this will be an ongoing process, but it is a very important step toward embracing the beautiful person that they each are.

So What’s the Plan?

Plan? You mean, I have to have a plan? Well, of course..uhh..I have a plan. The question is how does my plan vary from past plans that didn’t work out. Maybe it’s not the plan to blame, but me for not keeping it. Maybe the fact that I didn’t keep it tells us that there was something wrong with it.

If there was one thing that I could point to and say, “This is what went wrong,” I would have to say trying to change too much too fast. Because I have gone through many baby steps before, I jump right into them. I guess I think that the “baby steps” are easy, but they aren’t. I guess if they were, a lot of people would be making them.

So where do I start? Well, I guess I’ve made my first baby step, and maybe even more than one.

1. Albeit anonymously (for the most part), publicly accepting how much I have gained, and how much I truly need to lose.

2. Restarting an online diary to help me work through the process.

3. Reaching out to people who have been apart of my life journey in one way or another in hopes they will participate in this journey with their support, comments, and advice.

4. Looking for my next step…which shows I am ready to make the next one. So I guess the question now is, where next? I think the next step is documenting. I had been documenting, but got off track. Getting started again after several weeks, shouldn’t be a difficult step. I use Lose It to document my meals. I use both the online and iPhone version.