Confessions and Alterations

1.   I love food so much that I used to give it power over my life. Note: used to. Food no longer owns me! Thank you Whole30.

2.   I have sat in the parking lot of a store after Valentine’s before and eaten nearly a whole box of candy, after an emotional meltdown. As a part-time baker/candy maker, I make my own now, which is too good to even care for the store bought stuff and takes too much time to make.

3.   I used to eat chocolate icing out of the can by the spoonfuls–and not just one spoonful. Again, I make my own now for baking, but now that I don’t eat sizable amounts of sugar, I have no desire to have it.

4.   I used to have such a carb addiction that I would eat a family size mac n cheese dinner doctored up with extra cheese, completely by myself. Now, I haven’t had mac n cheese in — I can’t remember when, but when I do, I make it completely from scratch, savor a small portion, and don’t make enough for leftovers to tempt me.

5.   I used to feel like I HAD to stop at a Dairy Queen on my way home from work in order to stay awake for my 1 hour drive home. To break this, I would carry a can of strong, mint breath spray and would spray it in my mouth when I was approaching the store. It would wake me up, and NOTHING would taste good with that aftertaste in your mouth.

6.   Used to, I would eat food even if it wasn’t good because I felt I would be wasting money if I didn’t. Now, I have actually thrown food away after just one unsatisfying bite, even if it was an expensive item. (Thanks to French Women Don’t Get Fat)

7.   Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries were always my weakness until I started making them myself. Fortunately, they take too much work, so I only have them once and a while generally around holidays when people order them.

8.   When baking for others, I would make myself a small portion of the same item for “Quality Control,” and would eat the whole portion–alone. Now, I will have a 1 small bite quality assurance rule for myself.

9.   I used to feel so self-conscious when grocery shopping. Now, I proudly shop with everything in my cart being whole and healthy!

10. I used to feel that I would always be fat–that no matter what I tried, I would never lose weight. After setting goals for myself and succeeding in reaching them, I realize I do have more control than my mind allowed me once to believe.

11. I used to go through a bulk size container of Kraft Mayo in about a month. I added it to everything. Now, I seldom ever use it.

12.  Used to I wouldn’t eat salad without homemade Buttermilk Ranch. I made it myself and would eat it with everything. Now, I’ve actually ordered a salad and eaten it without dressing at all and really enjoyed it. (note the salad was fresh greens–you can’t use enough dressing to make the prepackaged stuff taste good)

13. I used to consume a lot of heavy cream and butter. Now, I use clarified butter (a little goes a long way) and coconut milk. Excluding trace amounts, I am almost completely dairy free.

Do you want to make any confessions? or share how you were able to alter your behavior to overcome them?

3 thoughts on “Confessions and Alterations”

  1. I love this. Kind of makes me want to do a post of my own! Whenever I’d go grocery shopping, I used to buy 3 or 4 creme-filled doughnuts and would drive around until I ate all of them before going inside the house with my groceries. I stopped this by insisting that my boyfriend go to the market with me.

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    1. It totally baffles me how we (and I’m totally talking about me) allow food to make us feel “comfortable.” I’m not talking about good food. I’m talking about junk food. I was like that, too. Bad food was my companion, but fortunately, now I see that it was one of those companions that appear to be doing good for you, but instead, are really bad. I say it all the time, “Comfort food should never cause you to be ‘uncomfortable.’ If it does, then it’s not ‘comfort’ food.” Comfort food should be redefined as being foods that make us feel good in our clothes. Foods that give us quality fuel for our body. Food that strengthens us. GOOD FOOD.


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