Life Changing Decisions. Join Us?

As I reported in my last post, I have met a friend online who has a goal of losing somewhere around 130 lbs. She found me in a group on FB. I was looking for a mentor who might be able to follow me through a program, but instead, she offered to join me in my journey to lose nearly 200 lbs. I never turn down an opportunity to have a friend join me on a journey.

Instead of needing a mentor, it seems I’m doing really well taking the lead. I am helping her get ready for making life changing decisions. To start we are going to:

1. Weigh first thing on Mondays before doing anything else.

2. Eat breakfast and post our meal in LoseIt.

3. Begin eating 5-6 very small meals a day, eating low glycemic as much as possible.

4. Make better choices each time we make decisions about food.

5. Increase intake of water and post in LoseIt.

NOTE: If you have a problem with cravings in the beginning, eat some peppermint or use some really strong mint breath spray every time you feel a craving coming on. It always kills my cravings. Breath spray would be really easy to carry around in your pocket.

We will do this for 1 week before really looking at restricting food. It’s just getting us ready. Getting rid of cravings, and hopefully, we’ll be feeling a lot better and ready to take on even more for the next week.

We are starting this journey together, but we need not be alone. If you are interested in joining us for this journey, you see the steps we’re taking first. You will need to leave a comment telling me that you want to join us, so I can get your online contact information, so we can get your plan written out.

Ten Reasons I Want To Lose Weight

An old friend of mine had me to do this years ago. I have rewritten these reasons SO many times. What is funny is how they change as I get older and wiser. They are in no particular order.

1. To be more flexible and more mobile.

2. To gain the use of the many outfits in my closet I haven’t been able to wear since 2003 or before. Fortunately, I’ve always chosen the classic look.

3. To physically feel better.

4. To emotionally feel better.

5. To give my son a good example to follow.

6. To accomplish this goal that has seemed to evade me for so long–proving (to me) I can!

7. To reduce the need for any type of medication.

8. To increase my life expectancy.

9. To feel more comfortable when in a seat (in the car, doctor’s office, etc).

10. To feel more comfortable in my skin.

What Does Two for One Mean?

So you may have run across this site because you are looking for a good deal. Generally, that is what 2 for 1 indicates, but not here. Here it refers to my weight, divided by 2. I literally weigh more than two people of healthy BMI. As a matter of fact, I am on the border of being 2 “obese” people in one body. I am actually 2 “overweight” people, and I want to change that.

THIS IS MY JOURNEY. It is going to be a very honest and transparent journey. Maybe you’re on a similar journey, hey, let’s travel this lonely road together then. I encourage your comments. If you have a similar blog, include your address, and I will share it with my readers as well.