Weight Loss Progress

From the date of creation of this blog, I’ve got a lot to lose. 180 lbs minimum of 317, make that 328 330 (was my highest weight), and I am determined that number will NEVER be marked out like the others.

I’ve learned a lot and shared with you what I’ve been learning along the way. As of 07/07/14, my goal is to eliminate sugar (my drug of choice), complete 2 rounds of Whole30 (July/October) complete a round of Whole30 in July (October was a fail, which is why you’ll notice an increase in my weight through the end of the year. It took just 4 months to undo all the good I had accomplished and just 2 weeks of bad choices to undo my weight loss) and start 2015 strong with Whole30 (I’ve continued and as of March I am approaching my 90 day mark with Whole30). Turbo Carb Cycle through the end of the year. Carb cycling didn’t happen which is another reason I failed to reach my goals the end of 2014. Any type of plan would have prevented me from going crazy at Christmas time. Sugar was still in my diet, so I had to get super serious and eliminate it and other trigger foods.I knew Whole30 was the only thing that would work.

I started the year (2015) with Whole30 and have made it my life. It is a permanent part of mine and my husband’s nutrition. (He’s lost 30 lbs since Jan 1) Add to that, joining Curves to begin my journey toward better physical fitness (08/03/14). I did start Curves, but my work schedule and family sickness has thrown me off track. I have a stack of workout videos I plan to begin working through. I’ve started walking again at lunch on nice days, and since spring is here, I’ll add back biking. I have planned my first 5K, April 11. I will probably walk most of it because I don’t run, but the point is that I will be doing one.

I have accomplished all of my nutrition goals. Now to focus on my fitness goals. My scale victories have been slower because of some underlying medical issues, but those issues are improving as I lose, so one day, it is my hope they will no longer be a problem. They will no longer slow me down!

I will be adding more to this page soon, so check back.

Date; Weight; Change;
01/06/14 n/a
01/13/14 327.6
01/20/14 328.6 +1
01/27/14 327.3 -1.3
02/03/14 327.5 +0.2 Wii Fit Scale
07/07/14 320.5 -7.0 Dr Scale
07/19/14 310.0 -10.5 Dr. Scale
07/20/14 308.4 -19.1 from Wii to Wii 02/03-07/20
07/25/14 312.2 I’ve been 100% compliant
08/04/14 308.6 -3.6
08/11/14 308.4 -0.2 Joined Curves 08/13/14
08/18/14 302.4 -6.0 4 days of Curves
08/25/14 306.8  4.4 3 days of Curves, larger portions, more snacking, a free day including ice cream
08/30/14 308.9  2.1 Worked out 3 days, been sick this week, eating healthy except 1 meal/drink was off plan, fewer fruits, fewer nuts
09/06/14 304.5 -4.4 Curves 3 days, 2 days biking, up to 2.5 miles on the bike, 1st official week turbo carb cycling
09/13/14 308.0  +3.5 Missed 2 days of Curves. Baby was sick this whole week. Ate fine, but water, sleep & stress TOTALLY off.
09/21/14 303.4 -4.6 Ate more sporadically. Off plan several meals. 3 days Curves. Saturday biking. Back on track w/ sleep.
09/29/14 305.6 +2.2 Started my cycle and had a wreckless week of eating.
10/04/14 300.5 -5.1 Started my next session of Whole30 09/29
10/12/14 300.7;
10/19/14 302.3;
10/24/14 304.5
11/01/14 302.6
11/08/14 305.8
11/15/14 missed
11/22/14 307.1 sickness in family, missed several days Curves
12/14/14 310.9 never recovered from Curves set back, less than week in Dec
01/01/2015 317.5 Started Whole 30
01/03/15 317.50 Dietbet begins 1/5/15
01/10/15 313.10 Weigh in @ Curves shows some weight gained back
01/17/15 314.60
01/24/15 310.60 End Whole30 Jan 31st
01/31/15 312.20 Restart Whole30 Feb 1
02/07/15 314.20 still fighting this croupe with little boy, feel like crap, no working out
02/14/15 315.30 Frustrated with gain, but still determined
02/21/15 316.10 Still Whole30 compliant. What is up? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
02/28/15 310.0 yay! 90 oz water a day, still struggling with CPap
03/07/15 310.0 Still Whole30ish eating
03/14/15 313.70 Sleep/wake schedule off, no official breakfast
03/21/15 311.70 sleep/wake schedule back on track, eating bkfst, lowered fruit/nut intake
03/28/15 309.70 Had first complete night with CPap this week
04/04/15 309.50 Water quota way off, CPap issues, started exercising 30 minutes a day
04/11/15 312.90 vaca, sleep sch off, started exercising 30 min/day
04/18/15 310.00 Whole30 Carb Cycling started Monday

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Progress”

  1. Starting out at 312, working on cutting out wheat/sugar. I use artificial sweetener, which is one of things people say to stop using. But this is my journey, and part of it is doing what I know is right for me at every point along the path. I like low carb, but not using stuff like whey protein and other supplements, want “real food”. Trying alternative flours like almond and coconut flours. I like George Stella recipes, and just bought his new book. Had knee replacement last February, and walking is my main exercise. Thank you for reading this. I felt I could connect with your blog and will continue to read it.


    1. Awesome Diana. Hey, you’re totally right. This is YOUR journey. My journey used to include artificial sweeteners, and on occasion, it may still. That’s one of those baby steps that one day you’ll decide to take. One day you’ll just be like, you know what…I think I’ll go 30 days without it. Then you will and around day 60, you’ll remember that you stopped using it. You’ll start using natural sweeteners like honey, and then one day, you’ll even limit that. It really is a journey of small steps. But all those small steps turn out to be HUGE changes! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey!! Hang in there with me, and keep writing. 🙂 Thank you for following me.


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