About 241 Journey

Hi, I am 241Lady. My name is Margie, and I am married and have a toddler. The addition of a baby to our home has completely changed the way I view health and the future. I started my journey to “find myself” back around 2002, but this most recent journey has been coupled with a real urgency that I have never experienced before. It was throughout this same period of time that I went back to school to complete my education.

Much like my health journey, my educational journey has been a long one. In 2003 I finished my A.A. in Psychology. In 2005, I finished my B.S. in Behavior Analysis with HONORS. I learned the most about how to change my life while getting this degree, and I act as a Behavior Specialist to help others with their emotional & health goals, too (this helps me hold myself accountable with my own goals). I then finished my M.A. in Organizational Psychology which has helped me to see how my health goals could one day work into a full-time organization that will help others with the same struggles as I have faced in my life.

Below are photos throughout my life. I have posted articles about what life was like for me at various times throughout my journey, so I won’t repeat it here except to say, I was always referred to as having “put some pounds on” or as being “large.” People say things without ever considering what you may do with that comment in your head and heart. For me, there were life long wounds that led to a self-dislike resulting in 330 lbs of body weight and a BMI of almost 60 at one point. Update: 09/23/2016 Last year in November, I got a really bad upper respiratory infection. I wasn’t able to breathe and was in bed a lot of that time. It lasted four months. It was a horrible experience. I think there must have been something else going on, too. Something hormonal because I gained like 25 lbs or more during that time. I didn’t even really want to eat. I couldn’t taste anything. Now, my weight is up to 350.7 with a body fat of 52.7% and lean mass of 47.6% (per YMCA scale).

A friend described it best when she said that I eat things that bother me instead of letting them out. It was intended to be metaphorical, but in reality, I did eat the things that bothered me, instead of speaking up or getting it out in a different way. Fortunately, Whole30 helped me eat good food for nutritional reasons only. No more eating emotionally! Update: 09/23/2016 Fortunately, I have control over my emotional eating. I don’t feel the need to eat emotionally anymore. I do struggle some with mindless eating (when I’m bored), but overall I have a pretty good grip on things. I need to go back to eliminating eating out and eating sugar. I did this for 30 days again (Whole30), I didn’t lose a pound. This is why I think there is something else at play here.

Since 2005, I have been on a MAJOR journey to healing old wounds and renewing my mind and heart. In my heart, I have forgiven those who hurt me (even though I doubt they ever thought a second thing of their comments). It’s been a slow journey, but with each year, I have made major accomplishments in ridding myself of the strongholds that were binding me. It didn’t help me lose weight physically, but it helped me lose weight emotionally, which led me to this place READY to take on the physical–KNOWING I CAN!

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7 thoughts on “About 241 Journey”

    1. I’d like to hear more about your journey when you decide where you want to go. Check out some of my posts about goal setting and starting a journey. Be sure to let me know how you’re doing!


  1. I am my own Journey to from 238 lbs starting point, My goal is 5 pounds at a time…my lowest was 208 lbs and then I climbed back up the scale, now I am focusing again with the help of Dietbet and Just my self…Would like to make a change!

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    1. I’m so glad to know you’re joining us. I have totally realized how I have ended up where I am in my health. When you reach a place where you’re happy, it is important to STILL weigh each week. It will give you an opportunity to keep an eye on those pesky 2-5 lbs that creep in at a time. It doesn’t take very many of those to end up right where we came from. It is much easier to respond to 5 lbs than 180 lbs. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!!


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