Hartwig and Powell Offspring?

hartwigpowelllovechildWhat do you get when you cross a Hartwig (Melissa and Dallas Hartwig) with a Powell (Chris and Heidi Powell)? You get Whole30CarbCycling, which is exactly what I am doing.

I tried this earlier, as you’ll notice in the category for My Health Fusion. I have added the two programs together to develop one that allows me to focus on serious weight loss, while still eating the awesomeness that I picked up through Whole30. I give total props to all of these people. They are awesome, and the development of their programs have helped me to truly find myself–in the health sense.

This past week of Whole30CarbCycling, I lost 2.9 lbs. I have been Whole30 since January 1, 2015, and my weight had stalled. I know many people are really close to their goal, and it alone works for them, but I have a lot of weight to lose. Not just a lot of weight but stubborn weight. Carb cycling works for the participants of the Powell’s Extreme Weight Loss, so I am going to make it work for me.

What plan to you follow?

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Hartwig and Powell Offspring?”

  1. Happy the Hartwig and Powell Offspring is working for you!! Yay 🙂

    The plan I follow? I’d say 90% of the time I eat healthy non-processed foods. Once a week I will have a treat. That’s about all I do. 🙂


    1. That’s a very good model. I am not complete Whole30 as the 1st time 30 day elimination program; however, I have adopted its principles and spirit. I feel like if I eat meat, veggies and fruit most of the time, when Jeff and I would like to go out to eat, we can and just choose something normal healthy (which is still way healthier than what I was doing). True junk rarely makes it in, but isn’t COMPLETELY out. We don’t want to be that rigid. We are wanting to live this, so we want to make it a comfortable life. We make sure that we view all of our decisions as “choices.” No cheating. But Choices. It means we are being mindful, and in that awareness, we adjust the rest of our course to make way for it.


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