Holiday Lessons

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. This is something I learned through the holidays. I’ll share more as I go. For those of you who haven’t been following me from the beginning, I completed my first Whole30 food elimination program in July (read more about Whole30 here). It was the BEST experience of my LIFE. It changed my perspective of food.

First of all, I’ve never said “no” to anything for 30 days (well, ok, yes I have…I did eat seafood only as meat for a year, so I said no to all my favorite meats years ago). I have never been able to say no to sugar for that length of time. I had full intentions of repeating the great experience of Whole30 Oct 1 – Oct 31. I had stayed relatively close to the Whole30 way of eating from July – October. I started Whole30 on Oct 1, but having lived on the fence from July – October, I was not completely invested in completing the entire month and didn’t make it past week 1. I should have continued because I was NOT prepared for November and December.

By the time November came along, I had allowed myself sugar occasionally. I did well through Thanksgiving, but I began baking, a side job of mine, and then sugar slowly crept back more and more. I created all types of sweet treats for myself because my sugar cravings were back FULL FORCE. I was TOTALLY off the wagon the whole month of December. I learned that it takes approximately 4 months of living on the fence to completely undo the behavioral success of Whole30. Fortunately, it didn’t eliminate what I had learned. If I could do it once, I could do it again!

Having gained some weight I lost in July/August back, I was totally invested in a January Whole30. I knew if I was to get back to that great, new perspective on food, I would have to get back to Whole30. I am now on my second round for 2015. I learned in 2014 that sugar is much stronger than I am, and I need longer than 30 days without it. My plan is to maintain a Whole30 diet at least 90 days (well, 3 rounds with a 1 day break in between each). I would like to never add sugar back, but I don’t know how realistic that is.

Fortunately, I have learned that I love so many healthy foods, and I love shopping for them. I feel so strong when I am checking out, pulling each healthy item out of my cart. For others who have lived a life of obesity, you may understand why I would enjoy this. It’s a major emotional victory!

Now that you’re caught up on my mysterious disappearance, I’ll get back to blogging. Hope you all have had success with your New Year’s Resolution.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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