Changed My Mind About Exercise – Past Tense

Little did I know that finding “the right fit” for me in an exercise program would be what changed my mind about exercise. Yesterday afternoon, the time of day when I am generally struggling to stay awake (something that went away throughout my Whole30 challenge), I caught myself thinking about my workout. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh no, I have to workout,” but instead I actually thought, “Man, I can’t wait to go workout today!” THAT is what I needed. Note: My decision was Curves–even though they close at 7 p.m. (5 p.m. on Friday) and are closed on weekends. I’ll explain more on why in the post.

So what helped me reach that point?

Number 1 reason without a doubt was my success with the Whole30 plan. Note: I haven’t traveled far at all from it. As a matter of fact, I haven’t really changed anything at all. I do plan to add some things back. I just haven’t yet.

Number 2 reason, I really thought through all of my options. There are a number of gyms in town that I could have chosen, and if I was already active, I would have most likely selected a location with a CrossFit group like Anytime Fitness or one with lots of challenging classes like Sweat Fitness. When making my decision. I had to evaluate where I am right now. That type of plan is leaps and bounds ahead of me (without a personal trainer) right now. I need something very structured where someone will be there to correct my form and where I can find “community” with others like me. I know there is community in these other gyms, but again, they are in a different playing field than I am right now.

Number 3 reason, I truly want to change my fitness level. I actually didn’t get to workout yesterday, but I realize I should have just turned on a workout video and completed a video, even though it isn’t the same as the strength training I’m doing at Curves. I wasn’t in the mindset to workout, and I shouldn’t have let that interfere with exercising. I’ll have to work on preventing the emotional from impacting the physical. Back on track though, I have a new goal. It is to have 30 workouts to match my Whole30 success. Then, I’ll set a longer goal after that.

Number 4 reason, I want to feel that “I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO THE GYM” feeling. I know it won’t always be like that, but I’ll settle for it being that way part of the time. It’s much better than shuttering at the thought of exercise.

So why Curves considering the drawbacks of time, it is very structured. The equipment is double resistance, I’m not sure if that’s the official term. But you get resistance when you push and when you pull. At my current level of fitness, it is a good workout for me. I know that won’t always be the case, but for this year, it will be the workout I follow. We will reevaluate in the 10th month to determine if we proceed, or stay for another year. Also, it is like interval circuit training. Everyone changes stations at the same time. It helps prevent boredom.

Another reason I chose Curves is because they weigh and measure you once a month. They set goals with you. They help you follow your plan to reach those goals and will help get you back on track if you get off track. To me, it is as close to having a personal trainer as it can be. I guess in a sense, they are personal trainers, but more on the goal accomplishment side instead of the physical.

So, here’s to feeling good about working out (whether at Curves or taking a walk or doing a video). I have battled self-sabotage like you would NOT believe during this decision. I will write on self-sabotage next. It’s a post all in itself. Sometimes the biggest stronghold is YOU. I know for a fact it has been that way with me.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been to Curves? What type of exercise plan do you like, if not Curves. Share your experience with us in a comment to this post. I’d love to hear from you. Bye for now.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Changed My Mind About Exercise – Past Tense”

  1. I went to Curves for a few months several years ago. It was in a small town and only a few women went there so it mostly always empty. Sometimes I liked it, but other times I didn’t. I did like that they measured / weighed me and the owner was always so friendly and willing to help. When I moved, though, I joined a Lucille Roberts gym, which is also women only. I loved it so much more! It was really cheap ($15/month), and it offered tons of free classes. But then I joined Planet Fitness and loved that even more. Now I just do it all on my own. I run, jump rope, and use my elliptical. I throw in some yoga here and there, but I’ve been flirting the idea of joining a gym again or at least taking a few classes of something like kickboxing or yoga. 🙂


    1. Hi Laura! Nice to meet you! I did weigh it all out. Eventually, I know I will want to grow into a more challenging gym, but right now, movement is what I need. Movement with the intent to get healthy, fit, and lose weight. I haven’t heard of the Lucille Roberts gym, that sounds interested too. I live in a small town too, so the gym isn’t packed, but there are generally 1-3 ladies at any given time, other than the owners, coming and going out. I really just feel like I need my friend, Reba, and the owner. As long as I have one other lady there with me that I know, then I seem to do very well. I think I would really enjoy kickboxing.


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