Changing My Mind About Exercise

To say that I dislike “exercise” is an understatement, but I know it’s time for changing my mind about exercise. How do you go from hating “exercise” to loving it? I can truly say that it is my hope to find the same love that I have for eating whole foods–for exercise.

Maybe it is in part because “exercise” is generally packaged in a DVD or involves some extreme flexibility to put your foot on your head. I am sure that does have something to do with how I feel. I do realize that exercise doesn’t have to be either of these things. I want to find something that works somewhat like Whole30 that I can COMPLETELY buy into. I want to find something that really does something for me, even if I don’t lose weight for a while..

I know some people probably think, ah just go to the gym and do it already. Get it done and get it over, but I want it to be part of my life. I need to care about it. I need to look forward to it. One day, I am sure the day will come when, just like buying whole foods felt totally natural for me, exercise become apart of who I am.

Do any of you do something that you really love to do? Suggestions??

Update 09/03/2014: I have completed 14 workouts at Curves. I can only go after work 4 days a week because of their schedule, so my “schedule” and “commitment” is to work out all 4 of those days unless I am sick or have something I MUST do. I also got a bike for my birthday. I will be bike riding on days that I don’t go to Curves to workout. I’m enjoying how I feel.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Changing My Mind About Exercise”

  1. I really like to do yoga. It was impossible at first because moving around a fat body with little flexibility isn’t fun, but after a few days, it really helped me in so many ways. It was relaxing, gave me more flexibility, and it began to tone my body. Yoga is one of those things that can be relaxing or extremely challenging, so it really can be for everyone! But mostly I do the elliptical. I don’t really enjoy it though. I do enjoy running but only if it’s more of a casual, relaxing run. Haha… so basically I think I’ve yet to find a consistent exercise that’s high intensity that I really enjoy. Though when I went to cardio classes at the gym… that was a lot of fun! What kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Just walking by yourself, with a dog, or with someone else can be fun and enjoyable.


    1. Laura, I really enjoy swimming, but I don’t have a pool. Boo. And the YMCA is PACKED with kids, so it’s not easy to swim under those conditions. I have enjoyed the circuit at Curves. I really want to build my endurance and work up to things like CrossFit. I see how strong you can get doing those workouts, and I want to become strong! I don’t really care for the elliptical either. It wears me out! LOL


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