How to Accept the Need for Change : Eliminate Obstacles

Well after the day I have had today (it’s still officially Sunday at this moment, but will be Monday by the time this article posts), I can definitely talk about obstacles. I have a sick 15 month old. There’s nothing that can throw you off your routine that a child who is sick, especially when they are so small.

This is an ideal time to mention that this article is on how to accept the need for change: eliminate obstacles, but an even better time to caution that not all of lives obstacles can OR SHOULD be eliminated. Obviously, I would never want to eliminate my child’s need for me when he isn’t feeling well. I can, however, attempt to stay on track (even if it means writing my blog post at midnight (and no lie, the clock JUST turned midnight as I typed that statement…cool!) This article is officially Sunday’s post, so you’ll be seeing two (2) posts today, so don’t miss it. Actually, I just realized that I overlooked an earlier post, so I’m actually a day ahead in my posting. You didn’t miss anything though because I can see how I overlooked it. I wrote all about lifestyle and sickness in one article. Oops. Next week, there will be a post per day.

Lord knows that if you could look back at my life as daily blog posts, you would see excuse after excuse of why I haven’t succeeded in my pursuit for improved health. For me, excuses are my main obstacle. I can come up with some good ones, too. It’s strange how I don’t even try to have an excuse, but one will come to my mind quickly. Now, it isn’t uncommon for me to stop myself mid-excuse and say something like, “no, really I have no excuse. Truth be known, I was being lazy this week and not focusing on what I should.” THAT is being honest with yourself and others. If you aren’t going to be honest with others, at least be honest with yourself. Eventually, the other will show through.

Do you know what your obstacles are? Look over your day yesterday. Why didn’t you do what you should have done? My answers would include things like because I was watching television, or because I decided to take a mid-day shopping trip after going out to eat with some friends. There is always something else that you can be doing. Blocking off an hour of time to focus on improving your health each day is the absolute least you can do for yourself and your family. This isn’t just for you, remember. It’s for them, too. They want to keep you around (we hope).

After you identify those obstacles, develop a driving path. It’s just like Google maps. You put in two destinations, and according to what you want to avoid, highways or small towns, your driving plan is developed for you. You need to do the same thing for yourself. How can you navigate your day around those obstacles? The better you get at planning for that drive, the faster it will become second nature to you.

So, your homework is to list your obstacles, and make a driving plan that navigates you around them to your desired location. This really does get easier and easier as you do it.

All my best to you!

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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