How to Survive Morbid Obesity: Step 1 Accept the Need for Change

After writing my first post on How to Survive Morbid Obesity, I wigged out a little bit. If you’ve been following my journey, then you know that I have been battling to lose weight for quite some time, but since August 5, 2013 (see the widget on the left menu) most recently I restarted my journey will a new commitment to succeed at any healthy cost.

I totally have Step 1 down pat. I know for a fact that for a very long time I have accepted the need for change. I KNOW that I NEED CHANGE! I have made changes in my life, but unfortunately, I haven’t found the proper combination for me.

If you are going to survive morbid obesity, you MUST be honest with yourself. I remember the days of avoiding the “F” word…FAT. I wasn’t fat. I was “healthy,” or at least that is what I told myself. My blood pressure was good. I didn’t have high cholesterol. My sugar was stellar. My doctor actually told me (around the weight of about 290-300 lbs), “I don’t know what is wrong. All of your numbers are good. I don’t know why you struggle to lose weight.” There were plenty of reasons why I wasn’t losing weight, and I don’t think her telling me what she did really helped me. In fact, I know it enabled me for a while.

Honesty. It is crucial to good health. Yes, being honest with others is good for your health too, but I’m talking about being honest with yourself. Denial is not your friend. If you can’t look in the mirror and say with sincerity, “you have gained WAY too much weight, and it is time to GET REAL,” then you haven’t truly accepted your need for change, and you are apt to continue to repeat the same struggles over and over again until you do.

Trust me! I know it’s hard. It’s a process. Owning your weight gain is your first step to recovery. It is your first step to survival! Begin working on the truth in your mind first. Think about what your diet consists of. Don’t pat yourself on the back so hard for that healthy breakfast that you completely overlook all of the unhealthy snacking that you do throughout the day and late night. When you were eating unhealthy things was there someone there forcing you to eat it? You made a choice right? Yeah.

Look, I’m not beating you up, and I don’t want you to beat yourself up. There is a difference in accepting responsibility and self abuse. Don’t self abuse. It is terribly destructive to goals! In a healthy way, accept that there are things that you could have changed that you didn’t or haven’t that have led you to a life of morbid obesity. Accept that the road is going to be long and hard, and the thin and fit people around you are not to blame. Accept that you may not be successful 100% the first several times you attempt to survive morbid obesity, but you keep trying again and again.

Hey, my journey is going to be a long one. I have bounced back and forth between awesome decisions and really terrible ones. You are not alone in your journey. I invite you to join me in mine. Having someone to talk to and be accountable to DOES help the process.

If you haven’t reached this first step, keep trying. This could be the beginning of a promising journey for you. I wish you the best of luck! The next step is coming soon.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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