Update Time Already??!!

Wow, this week just FLEW by!

Well, to update you on our group, we are now up to 5 people in our group. We have been making small changes in getting ready for a full-blown change in our life. You know, it’s not easy to go from eating whatever you want to having to think of how many calories, carbs, fat, or whatever you’re watching before you eat it.

Another thing that has been tangling some of us (ME) up is water consumption. I have NO idea why that continues to be a problem for me. I’m going to start a rule in my house, and hope that my husband is strong enough to make me stick to it. NO DRINKS THAT I LIKE!! While I think he shouldn’t be drinking them either, he is the one that has to make that decision before it will work for him. As for me, I say that he should buy only the drinks I dislike, and if I send a text saying, pick me up a drink on the way home, the response should be NO. I realize this will be hard for him, but if I have any other option in the house, I will absolutely NOT drink water! It’s sad, but I’m woman enough to admit it.

We have a GREAT milestone to celebrate already! One of our ladies has lost 10 lbs. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Well, some of that is water weight.” You know what I say to you? It was just water weight on the scale, too but you don’t hear that when you’re standing on the scale. It’s “You’ve gained weight.” So, she’s lost weight. CORRECTION…10 POUNDS IS HISTORY!!! She has been doing so good on making changes in her eating habits and staying away from the pitfalls in her work place (where there are SO many temptations). The scale is rewarding you for your sacrifice.

We have a new rule in our group. We do not say that we lost weight because when you “lose” something, you generally want to “find” it. We aren’t wanting to find this weight. We want it to be just a page in the history book of our journey!

Congrats to KM! You’re an inspiration!


Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Update Time Already??!!”

  1. Oh yeah….water weight is still weight! Good job KM!! You’re inspiring us! Margie, have you tried slicing citrus fruit and putting it in a jug of water in the fridge? The flavor infuses the water and it’s very refreshing! If you must you could add a little sweetener, however I like it without. I’ve also heard that cucumber infused water is very refreshing. I’ve not tried it yet but plan on it. Just suggestions.


    1. You know, I haven’t done that in a while. I did do it with lemons/limes and it was REALLY good. I guess I need to add that to my shopping list! Sure wish I had those trees growing in my yard. 🙂


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