Projecting Goals, Not As Simple As It Seems

If you read my article where I realized I had only gained 5 lbs per year over the course of time (since high school–that’s a lot of weight), you will know that I had done a bit of analysis to see how that was possible. Well, let me be the first to tell you that my analysis was lacking. Apparently, I didn’t take into consideration times when I would eat whatever I wanted and would realize I was gaining weight because of how my clothes fit (or didn’t fit) me. This realization would prompt me to be more mindful, and I would get back on track. There is no way to quantify that. BOO! I like being able to see numbers and follow them down!

I guess I can use numbers by counting calories. If there is anything more boring than counting calories, I’d like for someone to tell me what it is. Grrr. Fortunately, I do use the Lose-It app on my iPhone, and it scans the label and automatically inputs the information. The problem is, I don’t eat a lot of prepackaged foods. I cook from scratch, and I’m using a lot of fresh produce, so there are no bar codes for those. grrr. Oh well.

As for having information to add for fitness, I have an idea for how to get me moving. I think I am going to sponsor a Wii Fit Plus event on my FB page. I know several of those I follow use the Wii Fit, so hopefully they will like the opportunity for a little competition. I have my fingers crossed!

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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