Yes, a Wii Fit Plus battle it is! This started out as a quick idea, but it is quickly coming together in my mind. It is an awesome opportunity for anyone with Wii Fit Plus to spend untold minutes or hours attempting to beat the top performer’s score. There is a lot of potential for exercise, but because it is a competition, it will be fun. It’s not like you’re just doing to do it. It will be to prove you are the most determined on that day.

The way I am going to start this competition is to start out with the games. We will start out with Balance Games and Aerobics games. I will then add the Strength Training, Yoga, and Training Plus options.

The WINNER IS DETERMINED by their score. They will also post their calories burned as determined by the Wii Fit Plus piggy bank. This is just to show how effective our battle is. We will share how many combined calories we have burned. Here are the graphics you will find on my FB page. Of course you can join me there by following me on FB over on the left side of this page.


Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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