Exercise Started. Feeling Stronger. Weigh-in Monday.

190579_462131647199265_163554778_nI have started my exercise. I am using the Gorilla app for iPhone, and I love it. You input the number of pushups you can do, and it determines the level you are on. I could do 15 pushups, so it put me on level 2. Let me tell you, these exercises are no walk in the park. I was sore after my very first day. I am still sore, but I feel stronger. I already feel like my core is tighter. My knee has been giving me a hard time from falling last month, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping me from working out. The negative at this point is form. I know my form on some of these exercises isn’t right, but I know that eventually I will get there.

So just one more day to weigh-in. I had sushi and ice cream this week. I’m wondering how that is going to impact me. Check back with me on Monday morning to see how my weigh-in goes.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

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