Tick Tock…Weigh-in is a-comin’

I notice that my clock is reminding me to weigh-in when I get up in the morning. Pretty nice feature I think. It has kept my weigh-in on my mind, so I think it was definitely a nice widget to use for the blog. I write the night before, so by the time I weigh, this article will have already posted. There will be two articles tomorrow then, so keep your eyes peeled.

Ok, so this is what is going on here. I have been looking for resources on clean eating, and I ran across a documentary called “Forks not Knives.” It is on Netflix under documentary. If you don’t have Netflix, it may be on Amazon Prime. If all else fails, you can actually watch it on Amazon for $3.99. I’m not one to easily advocate for products, but this video is worth every penny and every minute. It is 1 hr 36 minutes long. Full of research that will excite you to make MAJOR changes in your eating. We are talking about scientific evidence, statistically significant, on how eating a non-meat, non-dairy diet will not only stop your disease progression, but in many cases such as heart disease (even hereditary forms) diabetes and cancer, REVERSES THE DISEASE AND DAMAGE! Totally incredible!! While it does include detailed support, it is in everyday lingo and an easy watch. You will not be sorry.

Since I have been on my own, I have been “the fat girl.” Always overweight for my height. Never losing weight–always gaining. Diabetes is in my family history, but according to this research (a hugely comprehensive study), I could avoid the disease. I can reverse some of my health issues such as my fatty liver. There is a woman on the film with diabetes who after 20 weeks of non-meat, non-dairy eating, lost 45 pounds and reduced her need for medication for diabetes and reduced her sugar to between 60-80 with no medication!

They explain how this way of eating will not only help your cholesterol numbers, but reverse the damage to the heart arteries caused by heart disease. There was actually a long term study on a group of people who have eaten this way for nearly 20 years now. Hugely successful in giving them back their life. An active life!!

Take a look at it. Let me know what you think about it. I had already been backing away from meat in my home, but after this documentary, once the meat in our freezer is gone (which won’t be long), we will be a meat & dairy free home. We will eat fish and seafood, but not meat and dairy. I feel excited and ready to see the changes. As a matter of fact, I think I am going to schedule an appointment with my doctor and request a full blood panel, so I can see the changes over the course of time.


Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock…Weigh-in is a-comin’”

  1. I’m looking forward to your next post. Waiting…

    You’re right about the video, “Forks Over Knives”, very informative. Most of us in the United States can’t imagine a meatless, dairy less diet. It goes against everything we have been taught by doctors, teachers, the government, our parents, etc. Doctors, Scientist, Researchers are actually ostracized by their respective communities. Many of these people have paid a huge price for what they have brought to the people. We can say we don’t understand the chemistry of it, which is not that complicated, however; we can not say that we can’t see the results of our diets. It is in our face everyday. If you can’t see it, it is because you need to open your eyes and ears. One thing you will see and hear is that what is important in our world is politics, corporation profits, insurance company profits, medical profits, pharmaceutical profits, etc. We the people and our illness are hot commodities.

    All this said we have to take control of our lives and make a difference for us. If we change ourselves we will be a testimony to what we are living. We are a testimony to what we are living.


    1. Your replies are very encouraging. Thank you so much for them. It really helps to know that people not only read my posts, but they think over them. I love comments, so I really am thankful.

      As for the documentary, I was just astounded. I am so grateful for their sacrifice. These doctors have given their lives to give us an opportunity to be healthy. They didn’t bow to the almighty dollar. They didn’t let the pressure keep them from publishing their findings. I need to find out if they are online, and if they are, link this article to them, so they know people are watching and are responding.

      I told my husband, “See, what they are suggesting won’t cost us a thing. I know produce isn’t cheap, but trading meat and dairy for veggies and fruit, we should still be on the winning side. We’ll decrease our medical dollars. We will decrease our junk food total. We will decrease a lot of things. They aren’t suggesting any pills, and even decreasing our need for prescriptions, which will save our household at least $50 a month.” I watched the film as part of my $7.99/month Netflix fee, so they didn’t make a dime off of me. If we step back and look to see where the money is going, I think we will clearly see where the bias is.

      I liked the quote, “One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three quarters keeps your doctor alive.” It appears to be an old Egyptian Proverb.


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