Hungry for Change

To say I am hungry for change is an understatement. I have been hungry for change for a long time. Change isn’t always easy though, especially when it will mean changing behaviors that have become bad habits over the course of time.

Habits such as:

Not eating breakfast

Not drinking enough water (or not drinking much of anything)

Eating mindlessly

Not following a schedule for eating

Not planning meals which results in last minute fast food pickups

Not saying “No” enough

Thinking about exercise but never doing it.

Eating while watching television or while otherwise distracted (which causes mindless eating)

This is the type of thing that could potentially derail me. I see this list, and I know that each of these behaviors should be addressed. I am bad to attempt to tackle a number of them at once. I can’t do that. I need to push away from this article and look at the list targeting the one behavior that would have the greatest impact and work on it first.

In looking over the list, I think that meal planning would probably yield the greatest results. If I plan my meals, then I would most likely follow a schedule, eat breakfast, drink water, and not eat out. Is that cheating? Is that choosing one that impacts many and in impacting many will that be too much change at once? What do you think?

I watched a WONDERFUL video on (I think, or Netflix) called “Hungry for Change.” The video is about three overweight guys (some who you’ve seen in other videos like the guy who juiced for 90 days in Fat, Tired and Nearly Dead), who had each (through different means) taken control of their health without pills and gimmicks. They joined forces to gather research on becoming healthy without having to buy anything different than you would grocery shopping. THIS IS WHY I LOVED THIS FILM. They weren’t trying to sell you anything. No lapband infommercial. Although they discuss juicing, it wasn’t like a juicer commercial.

The moral of their film is to make changes slowly. Even in changing your eating. I loved what one of them said. He said something to the effect of, “Don’t go through your house and throw everything away and go buy up the store in healthy foods. Just start adding healthy foods to what you are eating now. When you go shopping again, start making healthier choices. Don’t try to do it all at once. Your body will begin to crave more and more change, and when it does, give it the healthy options that it’s craving.” It was THE MOST REASONABLE way to look at a healthy eating plan.

Today, I added sweet peppers as a snack and were they good!! I love sweet peppers. We had pizza today, but instead of our typical all the way, we choose an awesome veggie pizza with lots of peppers. It was SO DELICIOUS! Warning, they are a bit watery that way because of the water from the veggies, so they tend to be a little messier.

Are you hungry for change? Do you think you can start adding healthy items to your eating now to make changes slowly? I think it could work for me if I keep my mind on the prize.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Hungry for Change”

  1. This sounds right on target. Most of your list seems easy enough to fix in a short time. Definitely a list we can all benefit from.

    We think we crave the foods we do because it is part of our makeup, when actually it has become part of our makeup. It isn’t genetic. It’s habit.

    I think meal planning is the best place to start and I would add eating at the table to that. This is a practice that my family always shared. In fact, growing up we were only allowed to eat at the table. We were not allowed to go in the refrigerator or pantry without permission. Granted there are six of us kids. Can you imagine if we had free grazing rights? Yikes! I used the same practice with my children though I only have two they were not allowed to eat at will. That is bad practice.

    Eating at the table without the TV, cell phones and Facebook is a good thing. It is a time to share ideas and accomplishments of the day and to physically and emotionally connect with each other. It is also how you teach your children to value that time. You may have been taught that, as a child, but strayed away from the practice. It is still there. It is just as important to do as husband and wife and children as it is at a family get together. Whatever hinders that practice needs to be removed if possible.

    Oh yes. When you make a vegetarian pizza, lightly saute your vegetables before putting them on your pizza. That will prevent a soggy pizza. Also, start it out on a lower rack, about 5 to 10 minutes, to brown the bottom of the crust then move it to the middle rack to finish. If you are using cheese on top you may want to wait until the last few minutes to add the cheese.


    1. Yes, I have been thinking that it is definitely time to take our meals to the table. I do have some repairs needing to be done first, so I need to get a move on that. As for meal planning, I have been needing to do this for a long time. The way I buy groceries now makes it a lot easier to be sure that I always have the basic ingredients to make so many different meals. I saw meal planning on a site called The Frugal Mom (I think). She’s able to make things stretch. I think I’ll check that out and do a post on meal planning.


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