I Eat for Existence…

Sure, I eat to exist. We all do, but after seeing a recent photo of what appears to be an Ethiopian woman and a young boy, both literally skin and bones, I realize that I DO NOT EAT FOR EXISTENCE — THEY ARE.

I am SO far from being close to needing to eat for existence that it is crazy. I mean if I really think about it, for my height, I’m guess maybe 90 pounds would be critical zone. I would have to lose 2 1/2 – 90 pound people first before even being in a critical position.

So, maybe I need to adjust this one to: I eat to keep from being hungry. Well…I eat to prevent hunger and not as a result of hunger because most of the time when I eat, I am not hungry…yet.

Hmmm, so what does that mean? I guess someone could say that’s the way we are supposed to eat so the body functions correctly. That’s what I’m going for. 🙂

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

3 thoughts on “I Eat for Existence…”

  1. Through the years when visiting my mother-in-law one of the first things she would say was, “Have you eaten?”. I would say no I’m not hungry. She would say, “That’s the best way not to get that way”. Well, true but. When she fed you it was fried chicken or fried pork chops or fried steak and rice, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and/or potato salad according to who all was there and a couple of vegetables. Now none of this food was processed food. It was all the real thing and she was a good country cook.

    I do eat to keep from getting hungry, but I for one have made lazy choices for what I eat. It takes thought, purpose and goal. Thought: I know I need to make changes in my life style by moving more, eating healthier, etc. Purpose: I want a healthier version of me. I don’t want to begin developing health problems and chalk them up to the aging process because everyone gets these ailments as they age and of course they have a pill for high blood pressure and diabetes and a host of other things. Goal: I want to be the best I can be for my age by developing a change in my thinking to crave healthy foods, healthy living, and a reasonable body image for me. Not me on a chart. I’m not ignorant and I live in this body. I suppose the ultimate goal for me is to be comfortable in my skin and to accept the woman in the mirror.

    I could say we are blessed with plenty in the United States, and we are on one hand. However, since we have had access to processed foods and instant this and that we have fell victim to corporations making obscene amounts of money off our laziness and busy lifestyles. Funny. Lazy and busy. Corporations that take advantage of the venerability to addictions of our minds and bodies, and then they make even more money by telling us how unacceptable we are. Your fat, old, wrinkled but wait you don’t have to be. We have just what you need to get rid of that fat and smooth out those wrinkles. All those unacceptable inevitable tendencies of the human body.

    Sorry, enough rant. It comes down to our choice. We must own the results.


    1. Very good comment. You’re right. We have to own it and take back what is ours to be responsible for. We’ve given over so much to others in the pursuit of “convenience.” I’ve started reading more about “eating clean.” I will post on it soon. Funny thing. It’s basically just eating healthy. Nobody to gain from your decisions because it’s choosing food in its whole form. I have started cooking a little more lately, so I guess I will have to step it up and try some of these “clean recipes.”


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