I Eat Because I Love Food…

I’ve decided I need to really go a little deeper with my reasons for eating. I love food. Really, I LOVE food. When I think of things that I really enjoy doing, they typically involve food. I wish I loved coffee. I wonder if I could make myself love coffee? I don’t hate coffee. I just don’t LOVE coffee.

If you think I have had an ADD moment, I haven’t (though I do reserve the right to have one in the future).

When people get together, sometimes they say, “Let’s get together for coffee.” With me, it always seems either me or my friends are saying, “Let’s get together for dinner.” Coffee would be cheaper and have fewer calories. I want to love coffee instead of food! Loving coffee is so much more acceptable than food (unless your naturally skinny at which point everything is ok for you in the eyes of others).

Sometimes, I feel like I have to apologize for eating. Like, if I am telling a story and in that story a meal is involved, I feel like I’m guilty of something–and I might say, “well, I hadn’t eaten anything all day.” I have actually said that a lot–it is frequently true, especially with an addition to the family. There is little time to eat.

Maybe I will try coffee today.

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “I Eat Because I Love Food…”

  1. THE THING ABOUT COFFEE: I am a coffee drinker. I have been all my life. Starting with half coffee half cream at Grandma’s house. I drink coffee everyday. Occasionally, I have a cup of coffee that taste really good. Normally, that coffee is paired with 2 slices of bacon. Bacon makes coffee taste really good. It isn’t that I love coffee for the taste. It is the power it seems to have in bringing people together. Food does the same, but it has heavier consequences (pun intended). My desire for coffee today is tied to sitting around the table with family and conversation as a child watching and listening to the adults speak loudly to have their voices heard. Morning requires coffee. A rainy or cold day requires more coffee. It is enjoyable for the same reason as comfort food. Given the choice of a cup of ice cream or a cup of coffee, I will take the coffee every time. I will get, both, comfort and satisfaction from it. Both food and coffee are serving the same need, for me. Coffee is my drug of choice.

    You can choose decaf, which I often do after noon. You can add cinnamon and sweeten with honey or flavored creamers. I choose according to my mood. Think I’ll go have a cup.


    1. You make me want to go perk a cup now. Maybe I can find me a one cup maker. Sometimes, they have those on our swap and shop pages in our area. I don’t care about the caffeine. Food doesn’t perk me up, so I wouldn’t need it for that reason. Food relaxes me. You said it right I guess, it has been my drug of choice. I guess I am self-medicating with food if you look at it like that. Would you consider sitting in a hammock in the cool breeze self-medicating if it relaxed you? I’m not sure if self-medicating is actually what it is that I’m doing. In my heart, I’m just enjoying good flavors. The problem is that I don’t enjoy exercise to offset them. If I could get there, THAT would be a good thing!


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