Why Do I Eat?

I always thought the answer to this question was as simple as:

1. Because I love the taste and texture of food. So, sum it up to — appreciation.

2. For existence, though it would take a long time for me to run out of reserves at this point.

3. Did I say, I love food?

Well, today I realized that I felt lonely because no one, not even those who I know and personally sent a request to, have joined me yet on my blog or FB page. I never really considered that I may eat because I am lonely. I did want to fry up a large order of french fries and sit here and watch something on the television while enjoying them all by myself. Of course I didn’t. I ate a reasonable lunch and decided to come check out the people that I have found on FB who are journaling their progress as well. The feeling of wanting to eat something unhealthy wasn’t a good feeling. I think those feelings stem from memories of being in college and living alone. When I was alone, I would have these times when I would cook “comfort food.” The problem is that I want to feel comfortable a lot. 🙂

To sum it up, I don’t like feeling alone. I don’t know what to do about that, but I can bet that eating isn’t going to make me feel any better in the long run. I need to find a better resolution or distraction. This blog is a great distraction. I just hope I don’t end up writing to myself. 😉

Author: Margie Fuller

Experiencing happiness through sharing happiness. Proverbs 3:13

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Eat?”

  1. Food is definitely comforting. However, it is short lived. When we eat because we need comforting, for whatever the reason, we need to get to the cause/root of the need and heal that need. Sometimes I just feel uncomfortable in my skin. My description, but describes the way I feel to a T.

    More often than not I have come to resist “bad for me options”. Such as french fries, candy, chips, etc. I have found that there are healthier options that I can enjoy. I enjoy looking for foods that I feel will nourish my body and I can take comfort in the fact that what I am eating is good for my body. At least “they” tell us it is. I do realize that no matter how healthy a food is it can become unhealthy if eaten in unlimited quantities.

    A new day a new challenge. The same challenge, but a new day makes it a new challenge.

    I look forward to upcoming post. It is good to find strength in others, but we must first find strength alone. Just me and the Lord, because bottom line He is the only one that will and can be there always. I am constantly aware of His presence though sometimes I feel he is there letting me choke on that melting piece of cereal in my mouth, that I am sure is going to kill me, only to teach me that I’m not really choking.


  2. Why do I eat? In the past I rarely ate because I was hungry. I ate because I liked the taste of food and maybe it was time to eat or certain foods are just plain fun. I recently have been trying to resist eating when I am not hungry and when I am hungry and do eat, know when to stop. If I stop when I am full, I ate too much.


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